Benefits & Perks

Our people are what makes our team special - because of that, we full-time team members with perks that make their their their lives better by offering:

Active Professional Development
Our people are what makes Dapper Labs special, and we actively participate in development to level up our team. We provide resources for conferences, classes, books, and any other professional development opportunities to maintain and expand your skill set, industry knowledge, and professional growth.
Leadership Opportunities
The structure of our team allows leadership roles to develop organically. With dialogue as a motor, our organization fosters collaboration and new challenges; quiet complacency is never an option.
Speaker Travel Budget
We believe that all our team members should have the opportunity to become thought leaders in their fields. To support this, we have a standard policy to cover travel and accommodations for relevant speaking engagements wherever possible.
Flexible Parental Leave Policies
We understand the importance and demands of a growing family, so we provide one of the most generous paternity leave policies in the city. In addition to state, provincial, and federal leave allowances, parents on the team have the flexibility to work from home or take days off when family needs to come first.
Flexible Time Off & Remote Work Policy
We have a high standard for impact but we insist on work-life harmony. Minimum of 15 off days every year, with no hard limit. As we accomplish our goals, time off is more than a must.
Commuter Reimbursement
We provide a monthly allowance for your commute to and from the office. You can choose whether to use it for a transit pass, parking, ride hailing, ride sharing or bike costs.
Holistic Initiatives
From aromatherapy to yoga, we integrate our comprehensive approach to well-being into our space day-to-day.
Fitness Reimbursements
We reimburse for health-related benefits like gym memberships and personal training.
Expanded Insurance
We provide health, life and AD&D insurance as well as premium vision, dental, and extended health benefits. We feature reimbursement for holistic health expenses such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, and more.
“Live-the-Brand” Products
Every team member receives a generous equipment budget to try new gadgets, tools, platforms, and products. This includes new wearables, internet-of-things gadgets, etc.
Top-Line Equipment
Access to an Apple laptop, large second monitor, personal gadget budget, and more. Models dependent upon needs and department function.
Company-Paid Phone and Plan
Top-line company smartphone of your choice in addition to a paid voice and data plan.
Zen Workspace
Dog-friendly, welcoming of children, and crafted for comfort – our workspace is constantly improving to help our team members reach the most creative and productive version of themselves.
Staying Together
Once a week we sit down to eat together. The team lunch is one of our many traditions that help us to tighten the bonds between team members that work on unrelated projects.

At Dapper Labs we recruit the best and foster an environment that empowers our team. That means a workplace that is diverse, inclusive, and open-minded. We welcome applicants of all backgrounds, regardless race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have everything listed in the requirements. Our values include continuous improvement and curiosity. If you have some of these qualities and believe a position will make you excited to work every day, then we want to hear from you!